A Powerful Partnership for Reform

Working together, the Action Fund and Political Action Committee are a powerful force in the movement to end mass incarceration, provide critical services for crime survivors, and get smart about crime prevention.

The Safety and Justice Action Fund allows us more flexibility in election work and advocacy for effective public safety and criminal justice reform. Created in 2007 by its affiliated 501(c)(3) Partnership for Safety and Justice, the Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) and can more deeply engage in lobbying, which is essential in order to advance our shared goals.

Your Action Fund donation goes to support community education and outreach, policy research, unlimited lobbying, and some political activity.

Gifts to the Safety and Justice Action Fund are not tax-deductible.

The Safety and Justice Political Action Committee (PAC) empowers candidates and elected officials to support public safety policies that decrease our reliance on incarceration and deepen investments in communities for victims and other services.

To learn more about how the PAC made a difference in recent elections, read the 2014 report.

Oregon residents can claim political tax credits for PAC donations ($50 per individual or $100 per couple); gifts are not otherwise tax deductible.

The Action Fund and the Political Action Committee provide powerful advocacy tools that advance criminal justice and public safety.

Gifts to the Safety and Justice Action Fund allow us to engage more aggressively in advocacy and the electoral process by supporting policy research, unlimited lobbying, and some political activity.
Every dollar donated to the Safety and Justice PAC goes directly to help candidates and elected officials who are committed to advancing smart on crime policies in Oregon.



We are putting Oregon back on the right path for public safety. This means advocating for policies that make Oregon’s criminal justice system more effective and just for people convicted of crime, survivors of crime, and the families of both.

Promote evidence-based, safe and sensible sentencing reform that reduces our correction costs while effectively maintaining public safety.

Ensure we care for victims of crime by protecting and strengthening victim services.

Strengthen community-based addiction treatment, mental health services, re-entry programs and law enforcement approaches proven to reduce crime and create long-term savings for the state.

“Safety and Justice was there when I needed them. They have the backs of people who are supporting a smart-on-crime agenda. I was impressed by the range of ways they have engaged this election cycle.”

— State Senator Arnie Roblan, November 2012